Our company TаlanFFC opens the possibility to sell products on the Amazon trading platform, being outside the USA.

We provide services for the purchase, storage and preparation of goods for sale. Our services are in demand and are a necessary link in the logistics chain for companies located outside the United States.

Here is the basic package of services that you get when working with us:

  • purchase of goods from wholesalers or online stores (if necessary, we provide a supplier base with wholesale prices);
  • clearance shipping plans;
  • receiving;
  • overview;
  • inventory;
  • removing extraneous labels;
  • label printing and labeling;
  • packaging, collection of sets and bundles (including zippacks, bubble wrap);
  • sending;
  • supplier contact and replacement of damaged goods

Additional services

  • Opening new suppliers
  • RETURN ADDRESS service (for returns from customers)
  • Advice on running a successful business on the Amazon site

Throughout the process, you will be accompanied by our manager, who will be able to answer your questions and help you make the ordering procedure.

Finding a reliable partner is the first step to the success of your business.