About Us

The Talan FFC company began as a union of two partners in the promotion and sale of interior doors, gained experience in work on receiving, processing and sending various goods in North America. Now we help sellers on Amazon, Ebay and other trading platforms.

We understand how speed, reliability and confidentiality of our services are important to you. We are pleased to be a strong foothold in your thriving business.

We are constantly improving and refining existing services. After all, meeting your expectations and constantly changing market conditions is very important. We make every effort to provide quality, fast and error-free service.

What methods of money transfer are practiced by us: PayPal (including transfer to a friend), Payoneer (main view).

How the work is organized: after filling in the application, our manager will contact you and provide either access to the supplier’s website or send the price list in xls or txt format. All files are ready for processing in programs for searching for goods.

When accessing the supplier’s website, it is recommended to use ip emulators for the USA.

In addition, access will be given to a personal folder on Google Drive, where orders and reports on the movement of your goods are generated.

Payment for the goods is made immediately after you receive the document confirming the purchase from the supplier and the corresponding mark in the reporting file.

All payments will be immediately included in the payment amount: the cost of the goods, the percentage for the transfer, the cost of processing the order. You see all the purchase costs in advance in the order file, so you will accurately calculate the cost price of the purchase.

For fast and accurate processing of delivery to Amazon, we offer the design of a tongue right on your account. To do this, you must give access to the creation of shipping plans.

The entire path of the goods is tracked in the file by tracks provided by Amazon and suppliers.